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Heeralal Foods Private Limited

Heeralal Foods Private Limited is a renowned manufacturer of various
Indian Snacks and Sweets. From the well-recognized place of snacks, Bikaner
(Rajasthan, India), we are manufacturing the famous Bikaneri items that
have endless demands in the markets countrywide.


We at Heeralal Foods Private Limited have proven ourselves as the most customer-friendly, innovation-oriented, and hygiene-focused enterprise for various Indian snacks. From Bikaner, we are bringing a large variety of delicious Bikaneri snacks that are highly popular all across the country. Being a manufacturer, we are determined to fulfill all the desired requirements and expectations of customers without any compromise. For them, we are serving items such as Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Raj Bhog, Kesar Bati, Bikaneri Bhujia, Moong Dal, Namkeens, Bikaneri Mixtures, Masala Papads, Plain Papads, Dairy Products, and more. With the help of natural ingredients that are quality-verified, we are preparing these tasty, hygienic, healthy, and fresh Bikaneri snacks.

Our company is backed by a team of professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They acquire all the worthy skills that are vital for preparing the most memorable food items. They also assure that the items prepared by us match all national food policies and standards. Our production, marketing, management, and other teams work in a well-organized manner to complete each order within the scheduled period of time.

Today, our brand is well-recognized among retailers, resellers, and direct consumers. The factors behind our consistently growing popularity are our professional, progressive, and proficient approaches to work. Through this, we are continuously winning the trust and confidence of customers. And, taking our company to new heights of success in the food sector.

Infrastructural Facilities and Benefits

Our quality-controlled manufacturing area enables us to produce healthy, fresh, and hygienic food items. With the advanced facilities and resources installed at our premises, we are able to produce around 120 tons of Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Raj Bhog, Kesar Bati, Bikaneri Bhujia, Moong Dal, Namkeens, Bikaneri Mixtures, Masala Papads, Plain Papads, Dairy Products, and more items per month. With our useful facilities, the entire team potentially delivers more than 100 percent of their output. Every large and small order is completed within the promised timeline through our advanced infrastructure.

Our Policies

We keep the quality and taste of our products supreme.

We keep abiding by the latest FSSAI and other food-related guidelines.

We keep exercising our practices for customer satisfaction and retention.

We keep upgrading the marketing and management techniques for better results.

Contact Details

Regd. Office: E-6, Kanta Khaturia Colony, Bikaner Bikaner, 334001,
Rajasthan, India
Phone: 0151 2970046,49; Mobile: 07023056666
Factory: Near Karni Industrial Area, Pugal Road,Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
Customer Care No. +91 7340013051, 52

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