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Original Bikaneri Kesar Bati flattened yellow rasagullas prepared from 100% vegetarian and finest ingredients.
– Enjoy naturally prepared cottage cheese flat balls with saffron dipped in sugar syrup and rose water. Serve ready-to-eat Heeralal’s Kesar Bati sweet at any occasion directly from the package.
– Mouth watering milk and saffron sweet made of milk solids and saffron.
– Our Kesar Bati packaging is a perfect fit for festival gifting on Navratri or Diwali.
– Manufactured in Bikaner from pure organic ingredients. Ready to eat and no cooking needed.
– Serve them chilled. Explore and surprise your guests with easy to prepare variations with ice cream, fruits or cake.
– Ingredients: Milk casein (cottage cheese), sugar syrup (sugar and water), rose water, Saffron
– 100% Vegan
– Made in Bikaner

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