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Enjoy the taste of cottage cheese balls with saffron dipped in sugar syrup and rose water. Relish the taste of this paneer based dessert served to the kings in ancient India.
– Mouth watering big size kesar rasgullas made of milk solids and saffron strands.
– Gift Heerala’s Rajbhog to friends and relatives during the Navratri or Diwali season.
– Manufactured in Bikaner from pure ingredients. Ready to eat and no cooking needed.
– Best served chilled. Serve Heeralal’s big yellow Rajbhog rasgullas with fruits, cake or ice cream as a dessert for a part. Use to your own creativity with our ready-to-eat Indian mithai Rajbhog.
– Ingredients: Milk casein (cottage cheese), sugar syrup (sugar and water), rose water, permitted food colors INS 102, INS 110 and added flavors and artificial flavoring substances (Saffron, cardamom)
– 100% Vegan

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